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Solution supports Protocol and Clinical guidelines based care plans for Chronic cases. Inbuilt Clinical Decision Support System helps providers and payers about ensuing consultations/services of their patients based on which outreach functions are supported. Robust BI analytics help in decision making

Disease management is pretty similar to Population management in most of the features excepting that it also focus on individuals/cohorts suffering from similar morbidities/co morbidities. It focuses on providing patient centric care particularly from disease(s) or a case with multiple diseases. Features supported are:

  • Safe and Cost effective care - patient safety is compromised based on multiple factors – medication errors and gaps, allergies, forgetfulness on the part of patient, medical record being not accessible at all time and single source of patient data not being available. Spiralling rise in healthcare costs are bound to happen because of Lack of communication, Redundant services, unnecessary services provided and Incomplete or missing records. We offer solution that provides end to end patient medical record from different disparate data source like Claim system, EMR, Lab, Pharmacy, etc. We ensure access to current and comprehensive clinical records and enable connect with patients and clinicians to manage care across settings.
  • Connect Providers and empower them - providers always like to know when their patients were hospitalized and details of treatment, what follow up is needed post-discharge, how many OP visits. This solution provides end to end care details irrespective of providers/facilities visited and types of encounters
  • Patient engagement - Engaging patient directly have always proved to improve the outcome of treatment and this can be achieved through ongoing communication, better education and regular interaction.
  • Outcome based incentive and Savings – Value based care models are the new reforms in healthcare and providers do get incentivized for better quality of care and reporting. The data sharing capabilities and analytics help providers meet with compliance and increase quality and performances .
  • Decision making through analytics – Accurate and completeness of clinical and administrative/financial data is paramount to adjudge the quality, cost and outcomes of healthcare delivery system. Our solution provides analytical view of data for individual and population which helps decision making.